Visočica offers a wonderful view of Ličko Field and South Velebit, and there is even a partial view of the sea, stretching from the town of Nin to the northern islands of Vir, Pag and Lošinj. Beneath the peak (15 min) lie the ruins of the former Gojtanov Dom mountain lodge, which burned down in 1991, but can now still serve as a place of shelter. A possible starting point for the climb is the village of Rizvanuša (600 m) or, during more favorable weather conditions, an all-terrain vehicle or regular vehicle if driving carefully (13 km) can take you to an altitude of 1250 m, after which there is only another approx. 45 min to 1 h climb by mountain trail through the forest and over the ridge. If you are starting from this point, the climb is not demanding when comparing it to the climb to the top of Zagreb's Sljeme Peak. It is less demanding because you must reach a much lower altitude, about 370 m compared to Sljeme where it amounts to 750 m. With reasonable effort you will give yourself an unforgettable experience and a wonderful view from the top of Visočica Peak. Even if you're not a hiker, the adventure of climbing to the top of Visočica will provide much benefit to you and your family and friends. Literally broaden your horizons with breathtaking views from the summit, arouse the adventurer in you, activate muscles that you will realize exist only the next day (if you don't take painkillers), and provide yourself a feeling of satisfaction that you've done something new, something wonderful, healthy and beneficial for yourself.


Rizvanuša, for those looking for an adrenaline rush

If you're not too tired, there is an adventure center ( in Rizvanuša, where you can try the climbing wall, adrenaline park, human table soccer, paintball, and many other things.

Every year in the summer, an international adventure race on Visočica from the village of Rizvanuša is organized.

You can also choose Bužim as your base for climbing up and returning from Visočica. Recently we tried this and it was a huge success. Our house is located some 15 km from Rizvanuša.

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