Interior and furnishings

The warmth of the space is completed with a fireplace placed next to a stone wall, made from the natural stone of a quarry nearby. The fireplace in its upper part has an oven where you can very quickly prepare local specialties from Lika (bought from the neighbor). On a cold winter evening, while there is a blizzard raging outside, you can curl up and enjoy the warm ambience of the gleaming flames and cracking of the fire. Although the altitude is not much higher that the altitude of Ličko polje (Lika Field), there is more snow and it remains longer in Bužim than in, for instance, Gospić, because it is surrounded by mountains.

The kitchen is equipped with all of the necessary appliances and devices.

Large glass sliding doors separate the living room and kitchen from the wooden porch. Most summer evenings are spent on the porch talking about the exciting events of the day or enjoying the silence, which is broken only from time to time by a bird of prey or the calling of some animal in the forest. On the ground floor there is also a shower and WC.

Located in the loft area, besides the bathroom and hallway, are 3 bedrooms, 2 with double beds and 1 with two separate beds, which can be pulled out to form two additional beds. Including the couch in the living room (where one more person can sleep), the maximum number of beds is 9 (6 + 3 additional). On the first floor, two rooms have balcony access. 

The TV and home cinema complete the high level of comfort that this house offers its guests.

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