Wooden house

A wooden room is ideal for people with allergies. 

Staying in a wooden house is a pleasant and special experience. Wood gives a space a warm, intimate and romantic feeling. Looking onto wooden wall surfaces is more pleasant, natural than the usual concrete we are used to. The scent of pine, spruce, fir or larch brings us back into contact with nature. In addition to these somewhat subjective experiences, some facts will be listed that speak in favor of wood as a construction material. Wood regulates humidity and allows air to flow through in both directions. Air in a wooden house is neither too dry nor too humid, and at the same time it is healthy and rich in oxygen (especially important for individuals with respiratory problems). Wood has hypoallergenic characteristics. It does not contain micro-particles of dust and other allergens, making the space ideal for individuals with different allergies. 

The wooden outer shell is protected by natural oils and beeswax by world-renowned producers of protective coatings for wood Timberex and Remmers.

In the event of fire, wood does not emit deadly gases.

One of the common misconceptions of timber structures is increased danger in the case of fire. In the event of fire, wood does not emit deadly gases. Upon contact with fire, a protective layer is formed, which protects the inner space longer than concrete and other construction materials, while the heat emitted by wood is about 10 times less than that emitted by concrete.

The use of wood reduces the pollution of the atmosphere

Also, for environmentally conscious individuals, there are many arguments for using wood in residential buildings. Wood is a sustainable resource (annual forest growth is greater than felling). Wood reduces pollution of the atmosphere and saves energy because wood products require less energy for production than other resources. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled or used as a valuable source of energy.

Sufficient arguments to enjoy for yourself a stay in a wooden house surrounded by wonderful nature?

Contact us, come and enjoy!

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